As told by the historian, Lutex Omepac, 348 Post Chaos War (PCW)

Sit for a while, let me tell you of the beginning. It is a tale of Great Lords, magical realms, and no shortage of violence. No no, no shortage of that. There is a time before memory, of that we know. How long that time lasted, only the Gods know. But what we do know is this- Great heroes upon the backs of Dragons brought life. They brought all manner of men, beasts of burden, even the elves were brought. Some say they were the messengers of the Gods.

A great evil rose up and threatened the heroes, the Gods well they did what they do best…they watched. Eh, they watched as their heroes perished and they watched as their brethren disappeared. But the heroes did not watch. Upon their great Dragons they made war. They beat back the great evil at the cost of many of their lives. But the great evil had not been destroyed.

The remaining heroes banded together and set out on a magnanimous quest to destroy the tremendous evil. Taking only their most trusted retainers, the great heroes left their wondrous cities to the people.

To this day, if you stare hard enough into the night sky, you just might catch a glimpse of them moving across the Heavens. They dine with the gods and continue to chase the darkness.

Present Day

It has been 354 years since the end of what will eventually be called the Chaos Wars. The past three centuries have focused on rebuilding civilization and reclaiming the wild lands left from the exile of the Dragon Host.

Originally many of the races banded together for survival, but as of late have been separating out into their own communities. One race, Humans, has been seen as a plague by many. Constantly growing and spreading across the lands, Humans are now the most abundant race.

Uneasy truces and temporary alliances have given rise to many factions. Each has laid claim to sections of the Novindus, and the warring has rarely stopped. This landscape has given rise to mercenary Captains and wandering men-at-arms.


The Lost Continent is a 4E Dungeons and Dragons Campaign loosely based on the world of Midkemia, as published in the Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist

The Lost Continent

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