The Lost Continent

Prelude – The Lost Continent

Exiles all, they have trudged on for months as their hatred built. Through common experiences, a bond has been formed. Some day they will return, some day they shall shake the very foundation of the City-State of Grief. Some day they might even return home.

Nightsire, whose past still haunts him, cowers beneath his cloak when he meets strangers. He speaks little of his past, always in a remorseful hushed tone. His infernal horns are a badge of pride and horror for a youth spent longing for the impossible. Forced from his hometown of Grief, punishable by death upon his return, Nightsire seeks penitence and a future less bound.

Jett, whose past is unknown to him, walks the land in search of meaning. The elemental fury behind his eyes is tempered by his sense of purpose. An outsider in every place since his awakening, a force beyond his comprehension guides his every movement. Will his memories bring sorrow or the answers he truly seeks.

Winterwolf roars out in remembrance of his brood. As the blood of his wife and child still cooled, he vowed vengeance and pain upon the City-State of Grief. Run out his village for being a Dragonborn, he found kindred spirits among the party. A wielder of the raw energy known as Magic, his blood boils to avenge his fallen kin.

Lorette Cruz, crusader of the Caster of Nets, blade of the Raven Queen, paladin of Death joined the party as they escaped from Grief. A contradiction in thought, she left the City-State of Grief because there was too much Death. In her eyes, only her god may predict a man’s time and someone or something was encroaching on that right.



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