The Lost Continent

The long road home

Chapter 1

The party found themselves in civilization at last. Following weeks of travel out of the City-State of Grief they had finally reached a large settlement outside the grasp of Grief. Spending what little gold they had accumulated on their journey on a warm bed and a few meals, the party washed away the grim of a hard trip.

On the morning of the last day their gold could afford at The Well Oiled Wheel, each member woke to startling revelations. Nightsire broached the subject, spinning a tail of personal horror and imprisonment. Nightsire explained that he dreamt of a monstrous being above him. It beckoned for him to follow, but shackles held Nightsire down. The creature, so misshapen that neither race nor gender could be determined, pointed towards a child. The little girl, a mere toddler, turned to face Nightsire. As she turned, he noticed a key dangling around her neck. Nightsire woke as she screamed, but the most disturbing thing was that his wrists hurt and shown slight welts from the dream shackles.

Winterwolf confessed that he too had a vision. In his, he had seen an ancient dragon upon which sat a mighty woman. Ordained in the most exquisite armor, the mighty woman pulled her dragon into the heavens. There they clashed with another great dragon, smiting the contender to the ground below. Standing above her fallen adversary, she turned to face a great mountain range. Her mouth opened and giant serpents poured out. These disgusting creatures swarmed around the mountain.

Jett was perplexed by the ill omens of his companions’ visions. He too had a vision, though his was far more pleasant. In his, he woke to a grassy plain. The wind was warm upon his face, and the horizon was breathtaking. A man walked up beside him and told him the world was once as this, perfect and still. It could be this way again, the man said. He then motioned towards a group of children playing in the field and told Jett to protect them.

When turning to their final companion, Loretta responded with truth in her eyes “I never dream”.

Nightsire took the initiative to seek out some meaning to the multitude of portents. He headed downstairs and asked the proprietor of The Well Oiled Wheel, Joston, where he might find a dream interpreter. Joston suggested either one of the temples of the gods or the marketplace.

Nightsire, Jett and Winterwolf decided their best mode of action was to go to the marketplace. As they passed the many stalls of vendors, nothing in particular jumped out at the group. Many of the “arcane” dealers were frauds, selling worthless charms to the populace. Eventually, the party found one stall with true magical components run by an old woman with a white left eye. The woman spoke with a disconnect to reality, though she agreed to read the fortunes of the three men. As she spoke, a newfound confidence and a slightly different speech cadence appeared. She told Nightsire that the monstrous being in his dream could be found south, in a farming village. To Winterwolf, she explained that at times the truth is not always what is written and that new histories would be discovered. She gave a broken amulet to Jett, who immediately felt that the arcane symbols were somehow personally important.

Upon returning to the inn, they found Loretta waiting for them. Immediately, she asked when they were leaving for the south. Perplexed, Nightsire asked how she knew that was where they needed to go. She explained that she had visited the temple and that was their interpretation as well.

Following a failed attempt to bargain for some mounts by Nightsire, the party set out on an uneventful journey south. After nearly a week on foot, the party saw an outpost on the horizon. Riders galloped down on the party, halting but a stone’s throw away. The leader, a gentleman of middle age and thick weathered skin took one look at the party and said “She’s here” and turn to ride back into the village.

Tune in later this week for the conclusion of Session 1 of “The Lost Continent”. Who was the rider referring to? What will “she” tell the party? Will the party find the answers to all the questions they have?



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