The Lost Continent

The Long Road Home Cont.

Chapter 1

As the party approached the village, they took stock of their surroundings. The majority of the buildings were sequestered behind a wooden wall, though no gate barred the way. Immediately, the party knew that it would not take much of a force to ransack this encampment.

The group noticed the leader of the horsemen outside a home, beckoning them to enter. Seeing no immediate danger, the party complied. The leader introduced himself as Wilhelm though no other introductions were made. Strangely, he never asked the heroes names. Wilhelm started to blabber about the state of the village, known as Tempest, and how without reinforcements Tempest would fall. Local bands of monsters had been witling away at what few heroes the city had.

Worse, Wilhelm explained that the fall of Tempest was inevitable without intervention because Fate had shown him. Fate, the hideous creature of Nightsire’s dream, was a resident of Tempest and had been blessed (or cursed) with the power of prophecy. Wilhelm knew the prophecy to be beginning because during the latest clash with the local Goblin horde a young girl was found as was seen in his dream. Nightsire immediately asked to see the girl, and Wilhelm motioned for one of the other elders to bring her in.

Nightsire asked what could be done to aid Tempest. Wilhelm explained that enough resources have been gathered to hire some additional protectors however no one from the village could make the trip to recruit them. Wilhelm was willing to pay for the parties services now, and it would begin by clearing the Goblin Warren to the East. Jett realized this would take them to the mountain range of Winterwolf’s dream.

The party was interrupted by one of the village elders leading in a young girl. Looking to be about 8 years old, the girl entered the room and sat down. Nightsire recognized her from his dream, and immediately confronted her. Though his countenance was frightening, the girl just looked back at him. Wilhelm explained that she was found following a counter attack upon the Goblins. All at once, the party realized that this was not a human toddler but in fact she was a Halfling. Not an adult, most likely a teenager.

Nightsire asked what was known about destroying the Goblins. Wilhelm responded “Kill the body, kill the spirit. Then they will leave”. Seeing no reason to continue the discussion, the party set out for the Goblin Warren. A half-day march to the east, the cave was located in the foothills of the mountain. The party chose haste over stealth and pressed forward. Knowing that Goblins prefer to outnumber their opponents, the party deemed sentries unlikely. True to their suspicions, the entrance to the cave was unguarded.

Loretta took point and entered the cave. It reeked of unwashed bodies and rotten food, to which Winterwolf complained. The cave descended into the mountain, though it was natural. The only signs that anyone inhabited it were the unlit torches splattered on the walls. As the party came to a fork, they listened for sound and looked for any signs of light. Following what little light was available, the party came upon two Goblins and their pet beetle eating dinner. Striking from a distance, the party rained down fire, ice and holy vengeance upon the creatures. A third Goblin tried to attack the party from behind, but was quickly surrounded. As the Goblins saw their chance of victory washing away, they turned to run. Jett and Nightsire yelled out to spare one of them, but Loretta ran forward and dispatched the final Goblin with a swing of her mighty sword. She turned to Jett and said “It was his time”.

Searching the room and bodies revealed little other than dirty clothes and rotten meat. The meat was even too rotten for Winterwolf’s palette. Continuing on, the party decided to continue their assault by looking for any light. Seeing some ahead, the party slowed and listened. Two goblin voices were growling at each other, and the sounds of a scuffle could be heard. Inching forward, the party came upon two larger goblins fighting over what looked to be a chicken bone. But something didn’t feel right, and Nightsire noticed one of the Goblins look over his shoulder at the party then pretend not to see them. Expecting a trap, the party threw their sunrod into the middle of the room and quickly poured in.

The ceiling started to cave in upon most of the party, rocks bouncing off of heads and shoulders. Who knew that Goblins could be so sneaky? The rockslide continued and made the terrain difficult to traverse. The two Goblins pulled axes and raged into battle. The party rained down attacks from a distance, and one of the Goblins used his “companion” to good advantage as a shield. Jumping up on a table, the meatshield Goblin brought his axe down in a bloodied rage upon Winterwolf’s head. As Winterwolf feel, the light in his eyes began to fade. Loretta ran to his side and called upon her connection to Death to keep Winterwolf from joining the great hall just yet. As she knelt, a crossbow bolt took her in the back nearly bringing her to her knees. The final Goblin had revealed himself.

Dispatching of the frenzied Goblins, the party turned towards the hidden foe. The combined might of the party was more than it could handle, and it dropped down its head cleanly severed by Loretta. Gathering up the bodies, the party accumulated some gold and a potion of healing.

Badly battered by the encounter, the party set up barricades and prepared for a cold night in the Goblin Warren.



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