The Lost Continent

Truth from the tongues of Snakes

Chapter 4

Tracking the Hobgoblin and his canine companions was relatively easy given the fact they were not taking measure to conceal their route. For most of the morning the party tracked the Hobgoblin until a clear could be seen ahead. Frost stepped forward and motioned for Florentine to take the right while he took the left. Moving forward slowly, Frost and Florentine investigated the clearing.

It was some sort of ancient temple grounds, the winds and land had claimed most of the beauty but polished stone and writings could be seen. Drinking from a small pool was a wolf. Its ears flicked, though it did not appear to hear the party. As the scouts returned to describe the scenario ahead, two sets of growls could be heard.

True to his nature, Saileach stepped forward to lead the party into battle. No time for diversions or complicated plans. As the party entered the clearing and spread out, 2 pairs of wolves were seen. The wolves darted forward, moving at nearly inhuman speeds. The wolves’ tactic was simple: overwhelm one person at a time by dragging that person to the ground and attacking. Winterwolf was their first target, but Victor quickly stepped forward to engage the wolves.

As the wolves darted in and out of the party, Jett was struck solidly in the chest by an arrow. The Hobgoblin stepped out of the shadows of the temple and drew another arrow. As the tide of battle swung in favor of the heroes, the Hobgoblin slowly retreated covering himself with deadly arrows. Seeing his attempted escape, Saileach and Frost sprinted forward to engage him. Eventually they were able to overwhelm him and knock him unconscious. Once the last of the wolves fell, the party turned their attention to the ruins and their captive. Frost collected the bodies of the wolves and began to dismantle them. When asked what he was doing, he simply replied “Creating a new totem”.

The ruins were old and had not see use in some time. In the middle of a slightly raised center was a stone alter. Whether blood had been spilt there was a secret lost to the elements as the stone had been eroded away. Multiple obelisks once stood around the temple but some had collapsed over time. One two of them was a writing unlike anything the heroes had ever seen. It was a flowing language in a character set they had not seen. Jett closed his eyes and could almost hear the language being spoken. He shared this with the party, that somewhere in his past he had heard this language spoken to him.

Suddenly the Hobgoblin captive made a run for it. Though he was not restrained, he was injured and Frost quickly stepped forward to strike him. The Hobgoblin fell back unconscious, and this time the party restrained him.

After a short period of time, the hobgoblin was again conscience. Frost knelt down next to him and asked something in the guttural tongue of the Goblins. The hobgoblin sneered and responded in Common.

The party questioned the hobgoblin and learned that he was from a village not too far way. The hobgoblins had set up a permanent encampment there and did not wish to be disturbed. When questioned about the relationship with the Goblins, it became apparent that the Hobgoblin thought little of them and did not agree with how the Goblins were expanding in the mountains. Vermin.

As the conversation evolved, the Hobgoblin also showed his disdain for humans referring to them as not being from this world. The hobgoblin new little of the ruins in which he was captured, though he did hint that they were old. Satisfied with his responses, Frost unbound the Hobgoblin and sent him on his way home without his weapons. No need for additional bloodshed this day.

The party decided to head back to the caverns for one last sweep before giving a report to Wilhelm in Tempest. In particular, the party wanted to explore the large cavern beneath the crypt. Winding down the snake-like tunnels, Florentine was sent ahead to scout. The torches in the room were burning down so lighting was limited. Impatient as always, the party moved forward before Florentine had a chance to canvas the area.

Three figures emerged from the cavern below through the secret passage below one of the crypts. Other unnatural creatures shambled forward from other graves and the battle was joined. One of the hooded figures raised a hand and dark green bolts of energy lashed out at the party. Frost called upon the surrounding spirits to aid the party, and the focus was turned toward the magician. As the tide started to swing in the direction of the party, a small figure rushed out of the darkness. It was reptilian in nature and perhaps the size of a child. It hissed and dug its knife deep into Winterwolf’s back.

Banding together, the party was victorious. Battered and bruised they searched the ambushers. The cloaked mage was human, though her skin was textured like that of a snake. Frost turned his attention to the small serpent creature and began to dissect it. Cutting it open, black ooze poured out. Looking for any sign of recognition, the party was horrified as they realized that the little creature appeared to be human on the inside. More so, it seemed to be the body of a child that had been accelerated to grow so quickly. Disgusted, the party marked on to the cavern below.



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