Tag: elf


  • Vren Albright

    Vren was a child when the storm that destroyed the village came. Following the wreckage and through the rebuilding of Tempest, he has dedicated himself to LaTimsa. The town’s healer and advisor, Vren has aged significantly in the past few years. Frail …

  • J’nae Colridge

    J’nae was born and raised following the major storm to strike Tempest some 80 years ago. Now a woman of middle age, she speaks often of her travels outside Tempest. Though some of those travels were over 20 years ago, her council is often sought …

  • Elandriel Diastar

    The youngest member of the Tempest inner circle, he is an ambitious man that would rather make a name for himself in a much larger settlement. Unlike many of his race, Elandriel find comfort in city comforts and living.